Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Exams Daily ?

Exams Daily is an online exam preparation portal by the means of attempting free as well as premium exam papers based upon latest syllabus of the concerned institution.

2. Do I need to register for giving exams ?

Yes, you need to register before appearing for any of the exam hosted at Exams Daily.

In order to help you track your result, attempted and un-attempted exams you need to create an account at Exams Daily and don't worry it takes not more than 60 seconds.

So go ahead and register now.

3. How much I have to pay?

Exams hosted at Exams Daily are going to be unique, based on syllabus and by the experts.

So, yes you have to pay for premium exam practice papers, but their prices would vary as per their creators, importance, demand and duration.

4. Is there any free course/exam ?

We know you need to understand that how the system of Exams Daily works before appearing for the premium examinations and that's why we have created free and mini exams for all the departments.

5. Will I get any certification ?

Yes you'll get the certification for the appearing for any examination at Exams Daily.

And the process is :-

1. Appear for Exam
2. Check your Dashboard
3. Download the Certificate

Hope it'll help in your academic & professional evaluation.